Building a Brand and Sharing Your Unique Selling Proposition

Daniel HallBy Featured Speaker Daniel Hall

A book is the ultimate form of one way communication and helps with building your brand and sharing your unique selling proposition (USP). Every writer has a brand of some type. Christopher Moore is a writer who built his brand around innovative and humorous books about all kinds of wacky characters and he has legions of fans and gets to write and live anywhere in the world that he chooses.

You can build a brand in the same sense with your book. Maybe you’re a Svengali when it comes to acquiring financing for a small business and now you’re showing others how to do it if they want to start a small business or how to get another loan so a business owner can keep their company afloat.

Now a unique selling proposition is something that you set up and sells something that is completely unique to your business. Maybe you offer some type of program that has more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at. Maybe you offer personalized one on one training at a reduced rate for your clients or offer expert analysis on a sales letter. This is all relative to what your business actually is and only you are going to be capable of figuring out what USP will work best for you. But there is no doubt that you will make more money if you use a book to build your brand and come at your customers with a totally unique selling proposition.

One of the other big advantages to using a book to build your brand is once a book enters the stream of commerce it continues to build your brand and communicate your USP without further effort. In fact, when they are really good some books seem to take on a life of their own. That is, they make it to places and into hands of people that never could have been reached without the book.

Good thing it’s not that difficult to profit from building your brand and USP within the pages of a book. Books can be completed, on the market and selling internationally real fast – in fact, faster than you ever thought possible – IF you know how. Fortunately, I want to give you my #1 secret for cranking out high-quality, high profit books really fast. There is a free video at go there now and prepare for a paradigm shift.

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