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Would you like to know what equipment you can use to improve the quality of your Facebook Live videos? In this video, I share some equipment you can use to improve your Facebook Live videos, as well as any video you shoot. I share what I use, as well as some expert-recommended hardware options.

Creating quality Facebook Live videos starts with a high-quality camera phone. I use an LG V-20, which is built for high-quality photography and video. This is your basic hardware, and if that’s all you have, that is a good way to start streaming. However, there are many tools that can improve the look of your videos.

The right tools can make your videos seem more professional, encourage viewers to engage with you, and boost your confidence while you stream. Here is some cool hardware you’ll want to consider investing in.


The biggest challenge when it comes to streaming is the lighting. If you have too much light, you may be hard to see or appear ghostly on camera. If you have too little light, there may be harsh shadows making it difficult for viewers to see you. Low light also reduces video quality.

If you’re outdoors, the sun may provide all the lighting you need. However, most Facebook Livestreams are recorded inside. If you work from home, your overhead light or standing lamp won’t provide the lighting you need. That’s why you want to get quality lighting tools.

If you’re using a smartphone or tablet to stream your videos, then you can look for a ring light. Sometimes, these lights are called selfie lights or glamour lights. If you’ve never seen one of these lights, it looks like a donut.
The light attaches to your smart device and encircles your lens. This allows you to have light distributed evenly, preventing harsh shadows or whiteout conditions.

One of the most popular ring lights is the Auxiwa Clip-on Selfie Ring Light. () This is a good option if you want to take it with you on the road, as it is small and portable.

If you have the option of using studio lights, I use the CowboyStudio Photo and Video Studio Umbrella Continuous Lighting Light Kit. I have one standing at ready behind my computer all the time and add in the others when I need even more light.


You want your viewers to not only be able to see but also be able to easily hear you. If they can’t hear because of background noise or poor sound acoustics in your recording space, they’re more likely to click away from your videos.
Worse, they’ll remember the experience whenever they get a notification that you’re live. This can make your engagement rate plummet. So as soon as possible, you’ll want to grab a good microphone.

You have three options, depending on what you’re using to record your live stream:

  • A headset mic
  • A lavalier mic
  • A desk mic

Let’s go into the pros and cons of each one.

My go-to is a headset mic. I use a Logitech Stereo Headset. I get really good sound, it is comfortable, however, it is quite noticeable.

If you want a more understated look, you can use a lavalier microphone, sometimes called a lapel mic or lav mic. You can pin it to your top as you record to ensure your audience can hear you. I recently discovered QUANFUN’s professional lavalier mic and love the sound quality. You can find my video demonstrating it on YouTube.

Another popular lapel mic is the Amazon recommended lapel mic by Solid.

Both of these mics come with a 2 pack, which is great if you want to interview someone. You both can have a lapel mic for better sound.

A popular desk mic is the Blue Yeti, which I use. It is great for podcasting and if you’re using your computer to record your live stream it can be a good choice. However, make sure that you’re in a quiet room, as it tends to pick up ambient sound.


For many, everything you need in a webcam can be found on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. All you need to do to improve the quality is add in the lighting and microphone I just talked about.

Livestreaming from a laptop adds extra features to your Facebook Live videos. So, if you want to broadcast from your computer, you’ll need a quality webcam for your laptop or PC.

But don’t automatically go out a buy one. Chances are if you have a modern computer, it already comes with a good webcam. I have a Mac Book Pro and the included webcam is great. However, if, after testing, you find that you really do need to upgrade, there are dozens of options available to you.

You can do your own research—which I recommend—but one to keep in mind is the Logitech Webcam c920. It’s budget-friendly while allowing you to record in HD and has a natural stereo sound. It also has built-in microphones that can capture your voice, as well.

Simple mistakes like not having enough lighting for your Facebook Live videos will distract your audience from your message. But high-quality tools make you look professional and encourage viewers to absorb your content.

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