Inspiring Livestreamers: Lynn Terry, Monique Johnson, Loren Michaels Harris, and Angela Wills

The popularity of Facebook Live proves that viewers love interacting with their favorite celebrities and brands in real-time. That’s good news if you’re an online business owner who wants to leverage livestreaming to build a bigger platform. And because others have already become successful livestreamers, you have role models to emulate.

Here are four entrepreneurs using Facebook Live to boost their businesses and grow their communities in exciting ways.

Inspiring Livestreamers: Lynn Terry, Monique Johnson, Loren Michaels Harris, and Angela Wills

Low Carb Traveler

Lynn Terry, Low Carb TravelerLynn Terry built a following as the Low Carb Traveler. She began blogging as a way to share her progress on her low carb journey. Now, she helps her readers learn to eat low carb so they can achieve their fitness goals.

Lynn uses Facebook Live and Instagram Live to show off her low carb snacks. She also unboxes low carb products so her fans can see the food for themselves. This drives a lot of engagement which in turn grows her brand. You can find her business page on Facebook at

Live Video Lab

Monique Johnson, Live Video LabMonique Johnson is a Live Streaming Strategist–and walks her talk by being a livestreamer herself. She spends her time teaching businesses and brands how to use Facebook Live and Snapchat. But she goes above and beyond that, showing her customers how to earn more profits with the power of livestreaming.

She founded Live Video Lab where she broadcasts from live in-person events, and interviews others. She also shares livestreaming tips and teaches a Live Authority class. You can find her business page on Facebook at

Loren Michaels Harris

Loren Michaels HarrisLoren Michaels Harris is a motivational speaker and author. He’s also a mentor and coach. His message is about overcoming obstacles to create the life you truly want.

What sets him apart from other livestreamers is his Daily Bathrobe Moments. He livestreams while sipping coffee and sharing inspirational thoughts for the day. His broadcasts prove you don’t have to be fancy to be live on a regular basis. You can find Loren’s business page on Facebook at

Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity

Angela Wills, Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversityAngela Wills is the Laptop Lifestyle Blogger. She started out as a virtual assistant before becoming an online business coach. Now, she’s passionate about helping women work from home so they can live life on their terms.
She uses Facebook Live to grow her Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. She broadcasts online challenges and other events that encourage her community and build her business club. You can find Angela’s business page on Facebook at

Be Inspired by These Successful Livestreamers

Just like these entrepreneurs, you can harness the power of livestreaming for your online business. Whether you’re unboxing products, sharing inspirational thoughts, or challenging your community, don’t be afraid to give Facebook Live a try.

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