Fight or Flight:
Using Your Body’s Response to Fear to Give a Better Speech

Every time I stand up to give a speech, my stomach does flip flops because, for some reason, my body thinks that standing up in front of an audience to speak is just like facing a great danger to my person.

My body prepares for fight or flight.

I’m sure you’ve had this experience, too. Most people do.

Your hands may sweat. Your ears may burn. You may even lose your appetite. This nervous energy can make you want to run away and run away quickly.

But you have another choice.

Fight or Flight: Using Your Body's Response to Fear to Give a Better Speech

You can channel that nervous energy into a great speech. You can harness it to give your presentation enthusiasm. And, though you may not realize it, this is a choice.

Don’t let your body tell you what to do — take charge. Choose to use that “fight or flight” energy to fight! Choose to use that energy to infuse your presentation with earnest enthusiasm. As you do this, you’ll notice that the nervous energy dissipates and your confidences soars.

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