How Catchy Is Your Intro?

attentionWould you read this if it didn’t draw you in?

Then don’t expect your audience to listen to you if your talk doesn’t do the same.

When you open your speech with a bang, you get the attention of the audience. This is a very important stage in your speech. As you deliver what you have prepared, you need to have the attention of our audience.

How do you do that?

There are numerous tips available, some are tested and proven while others are not yet common but may work for you. Here are four ideas for opening your next speech with a bang.

Action speaks louder than words

Sometimes silence is louder than words. Sometimes a gesture speaks volumes over words. So, try starting your speech with a gesture that communicates some message from your speech.

The power of gestures should not be underestimated. For example, when you are going to talk against anti-abortion laws, you could start off with a strong pound on the podium or a hand gesture showing rejection. This would prepare the audience’s mind for what they are about to hear.

Laughter is the pill

Boredom is the biggest enemy of the public speaker. Inserting humor can be a big help in keeping your audience with you until the end of your speech.

Humor can be an asset.

But be sure that your humor is appropriate for your speech and for your audience, or it will surely backfire.

Quotable quotes

Add authority to your point by quoting famous people. When you use a quote from someone of credibility, you start your speech with outside validation. In a way, you are showing that others agree with you. (Or you can use the quote for contrast, contradicting it throughout your speech.)

Another Cinderella story

Stories are a hit for people of all ages. When you attach the strings of a story to your speech, you are able to draw in the audience. This is a throw back to times before the written word. We are hard-wired to enjoy a good story.

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