Getting Started on Facebook Live: A Quick Tour

Facebook Live first became readily available to users in 2016. So I’m often surprised when someone tells me they haven’t used it yet. It shouldn’t. Many people are afraid to go on camera for a recorded video, and so getting started on Facebook Live just intensifies their anxiety.

However, if you want to be an effective speaker, especially now in the Time of COVID, you need to embrace this modality for connecting with your audience. To help you, here is a simple guide on how to get started on Facebook Live.

Getting Started with Facebook Live

There are two ways you can go live on Facebook: From your phone or from your computer. In this post, I’m going to show you how to go live from your Facebook Page. You can also go live from a group or even your profile, following a very similar path.

Step 1: Go to your Page.
Step 2: Find the “Go Live” link and click it.

This will take you to the Facebook Live screen where you can add information before going live.

Your computer and/or phone may be different than mine, however, what you find when you go to your Facebook Page should look very similar to this:

On a Laptop

Click the link to start a Facebook Live

On a Phone

Click the link to start a Facebook Live

Here’s where Facebook Live on a computer diverges from on your phone. I’ll go into each one.

Facebook Live on a Computer

After you’ve clicked the “Go Live” button, you’ll be taken to a screen that looks something like this:

Enter data about your Facebook Live

As you’ll see here, there is a lot of information you can add to your Live event before you even go live. In this post, I’ll focus on the basics. These are the important elements you’ll need to consider for your first few lives. You can always experiment with more once you’re comfortable with the basics.

  • Get Started:
    Near the top, you’ll see you can go live using one of three options. I the vast majority of cases, click on “Use Camera.”
  • Title and Description:
    In the left-hand column, you’ll find a place where you can enter the title of your Live, as well as a box below that to enter your description. The description will be the area where you would enter a regular Facebook post.

That’s it! Now you can click on the “Go Live” button at the bottom of the left-hand column. It will give you a 3-second timer and then you’re Live!

Facebook Live on a Phone

You have fewer options on the phone, which is probably better because of the small space. For most Facebook Lives, I use the computer. On the phone, this is the only option you need to be concerned with:

  • Tap to add a description…:
    Do as it says. The description will be the area where you would enter a regular Facebook post.

Then click on “Start Live Video.” It will give you a 3-second timer and then you’re Live!

NOTE: Be sure to orient your phone the way you want the video to shoot BEFORE you click on “Start Live Video” or it will screw up the video. I like videos to be horizontal, but many like it vertical because that is more native for a phone.

Starting a Facebook Live on a Phone

Going live

Once you’re live, you simply talk into the camera. Note that you can see comments left by viewers as well as their “reactions” which may be a “like” a “love” or another expression. You can also see how many people are viewing and when someone new joins in. This can be distracting, but with practice, you’ll get better. It’s a good idea to mention people by name as they tune in. This can help them to feel more involved and increase the intimacy and engagement of your videos.

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