Top 4 Benefits Speakers Gain from Embracing Live Video [PODCAST]

Public Speaking Super Powers Podcast: Season 4, Episode 5

Live video is currently an exciting topic among marketers and speakers alike. And now with COVID-19 lockdowns lasting well over six months, it’s use has increased. Many expect that live video will play a big role in the way we communicate online moving forward. As a speaker, you really should consider embracing live video, which is why I’m going to share in this episode the Top 4 Benefits Speakers Can Gain from Embracing Live Video.

Top 4 Benefits Speakers Gain from Embracing Live Video

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Length: 5 minutes, 26 seconds

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Engagement
  • Excitement
  • Competition
  • Anticipation

Transcript for “Top 4 Benefits Speakers Gain from Embracing Live Video”

Hi, This is Carma Spence, author of the Award-Winning book Public Speaking Super Powers, and Host of The Public Speaking Super Powers podcast. It’s great to be back to podcasting after my short hiatus. Did you miss me? If so, please let me know in a comment!

Now on to the topic of the day: Live Video.

Live video can be very exciting for speakers, although some find it more anxiety-provoking than getting up on stage. If that’s you, work on overcoming your fears because live video gives you access to an entirely new audience to market yourself to, an entirely new way to engage with your following and so much more. Keep listening to learn the very best benefits that live video has from a speaker’s perspective.

The first is Engagement
Live video is excellent for engagement and allows you to reach your viewers in a way that will feel much more personal, intimate, and direct. And this is true even if they are watching the recording and are not live with you.

There are a number of reasons for this.

First, the fact that the video is live means that your viewers feel as though you’re talking directly to them. This is really powerful for a speaker. Speaking on live video feels more intimate for your audience than when they see you on the stage live. And this can build rapport must faster, which means they are much more likely to convert to be a subscriber on your email list or buy your products and services.

Second, the fact that they can interact via comments and that you can respond to them live on the video means that they can have a live discussion with you or at least a reasonable facsimile. If you’re sharing actionable information or conducting an Ask Me Anything session, you can literally answer questions right then and there as they are asked. You can’t do this from the stage as effectively.

The second top benefit is Excitement
I know live video has been around awhile. However, it still feels new and exciting to many people – possibly your people. Because of this, when you associate yourself with live video streaming – through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or more – you instantly make your personal brand or your business brand seem more forward-thinking.

Before I move on to the third benefit, here’s a short commercial.


Hi! This is Carma Spence, your host and author of the bestselling book Public Speaking Super Powers, back to share the last two benefits speakers gain from embracing live video.

A third benefit of live video is a Lack of Competition
This won’t be the case for long, but live video is still fairly new right now and there are not that many speakers in your niche using it.

What does this mean? It means that you can create live video and almost every time you stream – if you do it right – you can come away with brand new followers and subscribers. This makes growing your audience much easier!

And finally, Top benefit Number Four: You Can Use Live Video To Build Anticipation
A live video can be an event. What’s more, this is an interactive event. If you’re good at building excitement and anticipation, then you can make this into something that your audience can’t wait to participate in and you can get them counting down the days until your next live video. By making your audience wait, you can effectively increase the excitement and anticipation by a large margin.

Of course, there are more than four benefits you can gain as a speaker who embraces live video. But that’s all I have time for in this short podcast episode. If you’d like to talk to me about how I might help you use live video more effectively, go to

Bye for now. Go out and unleash your inner speaking superhero!

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