How to Work an Expo

Wendy KinneyBy Featured Speaker Wendy L. Kinney

PARTIES ARE ABOUT PEOPLE, and so is the expo. There will be people attending whom you already know, and of course you want to talk to every one of them. Just don’t linger too long. An Expo is a business party, which means meeting new people is the goal. So wear your name badge, practice your handshake, and give yourself one point each time you introduce yourself to someone new. If your conversation with the new acquaintance lasts more than three sentences, you get two points. When you find out what the two of you have in common it’s five points. Rack up 25 points and go get a foot massage.

DON’T MISS THE MESSAGE, or anything else important. Of course you could map out a schedule in 15-minute increments, but another way to be sure you get to everything important is to make the question “What’s the best thing you’ve seen?” a part of each exchange. In addition to being a great conversation fuel, you’ll learn a little more about your colleague.

WORK THE BOOTHS, they have treats for you. All those free pens and flash lights and balloons are like trick-or-treat for adults. To have the most fun, walk in with your hands free. Hopping from booth to booth isn’t as easy if you’re also schlepping a purse, a portfolio and a presentation binder. Leave pictures and paper behind, grab a bag as soon as it’s offered, and load up on information and toys. That’s why you came, it’s your reward, enjoy.

HAVE READY ANSWERS for the standard questions. You know people will say “So what have you been up to?” Reply with “Oh, you know, same old same old” and lose 20 points. You did something wonderful yesterday; you have great plans for tomorrow. Have three answers ready for each of the usual questions and you will feel new comfort and be more dynamic.

MAKE CONNECTIONS between the new people you meet and the people you already know. That’s called networking, and it’s a skill that builds careers and launches adventures. As the introducer it is your responsibility to give each person some information about the other. You could say “Chris, let me introduce you to Kim, we worked together in delivery five years ago. Kim, I just met Chris, he’s in the Neo-natal unit at Emory.” Their conversation will continue naturally.

Walk a little, talk a little, schmooze a little – Enjoy your networking adventure!

Ready . . . Set . . . Go Make Money!

That’s Wendy Kinney‘s methodology, honed from 16 years of living and breathing referral marketing. For information on how to make networking profitable, visit or call Wendy at 404-784-0699.

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