Public Speaking Super Powers Podcast, Episode 6: Joe M. Turner

Episode 6 - Joe M Turner

This episode of the Public Speaking Super Powers Podcast features Carma’s interview with Joe M. Turner, a professional magician, speaker, and M.C. As a corporate entertainment specialist, he creates customized corporate magic presentations throughout the United States and Canada. He adapts his performances to emphasize either marketing or inspirational messages and is known as the “Chief Impossibility Officer.” Joe has been featured on numerous television and radio shows, including Good Morning America, Nightline, and a highly-rated feature on CNN Headline News, as well as in many print publications.

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Podcast Highlights

Length: 12 minutes, 23 seconds

Turner has a knack “for finding that connection between a message and some kind of visual representation of that, some example or visual metaphor for a message so that people can hold onto it and remember it.” During this episode, we discuss how living life — having a variety of life experiences — can help you find your superpower, as well as provide a variety of true-to-you stories you can use to illustrate your points.

“I’ve seen wonderful presentations with painting and drawing,” he says. Look for “whatever that thing is that may not be related to your topic directly, but which gives you enthusiasm and energy, develop that and you will find ways to find those connections and your analogies and your metaphors will resonate with the audience, because it’s coming from a genuine place in you as a person.”

Joe M. Turner’s Big Tip: “Get some experience in theater. I think some time on stage as an actor is a benefit for everyone. Everyone should have that experience.”

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About the Public Speaking Super Powers Podcast Series

Public Speaking Super Powers Mock Book CoverCarma Spence, the author of Public Speaking Super Powers, interviewed 80+ speakers as research for the book. This podcast shares those interviews so you can hear what the Featured Speakers said in their own words. This series will run twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays, until all interviews are posted. Occasionally, a special edition with a new interview will be added to the mix.

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About the author

Carma Spence, is author of Public Speaking Super Powers. She is fiercely committed to guiding women to Owning their Superpowers and turning their knowledge and interests into a profitable business. She is masterful at helping her clients see what is possible for them and supporting them on the journey from where they are to where they want to be, releasing the Mind Goblins of self-doubt, self-sabotage and second-guessing that keep them stuck.

With 20+ years experience in marketing communications and public relations, natural intuitive skills and certification in using some of the most effective transformational coaching tools available, Carma’s mission and commitment is to unleash the inner power every woman entrepreneur possesses so they can boldly go out into the world, transforming the fabric of people’s lives in meaningful and positive ways.

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