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5 Ways to Use the Internet to Boost Your Speaking Business

Speaking is an offline activity, but you can use the Web to boost your speaking business. Here are five suggestions:

Polish your online presence
Does your website look contemporary and professional? Or does it look like it was created in the 1990s and forgotten? Worse, does it look like you Aunt Edna created it when she was experimenting with all those cool HTML thingies she was learning about?

Your website can often be making your first impression for you. Make sure that it is representing you in a professional way that speaks to your target audience.

Be consistent with your online footprint
You are a brand, and that brand needs to be consistent wherever you are online. That means that your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles (as well as any other social media profiles) need to match each other and your website.

Be organized
When someone stops by your website, is it clear how to get to the information they are seeking? Make sure your navigation is clear and easy to follow. Make your website as “flat” as possible … people should be able to get to the information they want in 3 clicks or less.

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