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Episode 60 Shel Horowitz

Public Speaking Super Powers Podcast, Episode 60: Shel Horowitz

This episode of the Public Speaking Super Powers Podcast features Carma’s interview with Shel Horowitz. Shel was just a teenager when he started doing publicity and marketing for grassroots community organizations with zero promotional budget. There wasn’t even money available for stamps, so he used to hand deliver press releases […]

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How to Use Press Releases to Have the Media Contact You and Get Free Publicity

Shel HorowitzBy Featured Speaker Shel Horowitz

Press releases (you can also call them news releases) are a great tool for getting media coverage–my favorite kind of free publicity–and they should be part of every PR strategy. The majority of press releases go straight into the recycle bin–or simply get lost in the deluge of press materials. And some of the reason is that an amazing number of news releases break some of the basic rules.

So be a successful media contact and get the free publicity. Set your news releases apart from the crowd–do it right! That, along with proper follow up, will boost your odds significantly.

The crucial part is not so much in the structure of the release, but in the ingredients. Just as when you bake a cake, it needs flour, eggs, flavoring agents, and sweetener–but you can assemble them in thousands of different permutations within that basic “cake structure”

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