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Life Lessons Learned

Billy ArcementBy Featured Speaker Billy Arcement

When I published my first book, Searching for Success, it marked the completion of a personal milestone. For too many years, I had created mental obstacles that stopped me from realizing my dream of authoring a book. This powerful experience was life-changing. Shortly after publication, I was asked to present my thoughts on the process of completing this project to a local business group. As I began to recall events, I identified seven lessons I had learned. The more I thought about them, the more I saw how they might apply to anyone in their own personal quest for success. The reflection process is a practice everyone should undertake. To help, why not examine your personal performance in your career and in your personal undertakings against the seven points below? The use of questions is an excellent method to gauge performance and each point has challenging questions for your consideration.

(1) Face the things you fear. What events during the past months froze your progress? What fear did you avoid thus avoiding the experience of being successful? Many fears are the result of personal perceptions rather than actual circumstance. We believe we cannot do and we don’t. Search for reasons why you fear doing the things you should be doing. Squarely face them with a determination to overcome their growth stagnation.

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The Myth of the Overnight Success

Avish ParasharBy Featured Speaker Avish Parashar

Having a little nerd in me (ok, maybe a lot of nerd), I recently decided to use my NetFlix membership to watch the entire 9 season run of the X-Files on DVD. Hey, it could be worse – it could be Star Trek…and if you email me in defense of Trek, then you essentially make my point.

The amazing thing about watching a show like The X-Files is that you see so many guest stars who were unknown at the time but who have gone on to become famous and successful.

For example, the season one episode “Ice,” featured Felicity Huffman. This was in 1993. I saw that episode when it first came on, but at the time no one, myself included, knew who she was.

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