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The Back of Room Sale

Daniel HallBy Featured Speaker Daniel Hall

One thing you might never expect to happen is the amount of ways that you can generate money just by becoming the author of a book. There’s book sales, affiliate programs, coaching programs, live events you can promote and speaking functions you can get paid for. Well find out how you can make even more money by speaking and then doing the back of room sale.

Now when speaking at some kind of engagement or function a lot of people usually have a very informative presentation that they make on one particular subject and relate it back to whatever the products that you sell are.

The offer usually comes at the end of the presentation and then the people that are attending that are really interested in what you have to sell head to the back of the room to specifically check out your table. It’s called a back of room sale because that’s usually where the company is set up get your information or allow you to buy a book or whatever items you decide to offer.

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