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Promoting Your Business with Public Speaking

Business SpeakingGetting up in front of groups of people is one of the most cost-effective (and easiest) ways to promote your business. But a lot of people do it the wrong way and think that it doesn’t work. Here are five tips for creating and delivering presentations that offer value and attract leads.

Focus on their needs.
People don’t go to talks to listen about your business. They go to discover solutions to their problems. Develop presentations that speak to the wants and needs of your ideal prospects. For example, chiropractors, naturopaths and acupuncturists can talk about general health issues. Restaurateurs, chefs, caterers and other food professionals can talk about nutrition, food preparation or party tips. It all depends on the focus of your particular business. Find the common need that your business solves and talk about that … you can always throw in your particular solution at the end.

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Unforgettable Self Promotion

Barry MaherBy Featured Speaker Barry Maher

A PR expert I’ll call Dale Andrews heard that a local charity was looking to hire a consultant to help with their public relations. He really needed the work and, after racking his brain on how he could stand out from the herd, he realized that showing them what he could do would be far more powerful than simply telling them.

He went to charity’s website, scouring it for ideas. And that’s where he found the names and business contact info of all the board members. These were the people he had to reach; the only question was how best to reach them, how to sear the name “Dale Andrews,” indelibly into their brains, proving beyond question the power of the attention-grabbing skills he would bring to their account.

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