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Networking Success – Mastering the Right Combination

Wendy KinneyBy Featured Speaker Wendy L. Kinney

Use this winning combination for your business networking success:

Think of this like a meal; entrée and two vegetables. You may choose to work a casual-contact network, like the Chamber of Commerce; a leads group; a business association; a professional association; a single occupation association; a charitable or civic organization; an athletic alliance; a church group; the PTSA or any of the 12 other types of associations. If the structure and the members feel comfortable to you when you visit, don’t hesitate – join.

Networking is about meeting people. The irony is that you don’t meet anyone during a meeting; you meet them before or after. So people who slide in as the meeting is starting and rush out as it is adjourned aren’t networking – they’re just attending a meeting.

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How to Overcome the Fear of Networking

Wendy KinneyBy Featured Speaker Wendy L. Kinney

Chris confessed:

“I am not shy. I can talk to ANYBODY , but I would rather be funny and amusing than taken seriously. (It is safer.) I end up ‘performing’ and make no progress. How do I get past this?”

Kim complained:

“He’s asked me five times if he can give me a quote on my insurance. So now, I just avoid him at meetings.”

Here’s what I think: I think Chris fears people will think he is like the person Kim is talking about. How unattractive.

So it’s easier not to talk about business (or to avoid networking events),
than to risk being rejected or, worse, being thought of as a pushy salesperson.

Use these three tips to make networking conversations comfortable and profitable.

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Networking Starts When the Event is Finished

Wendy KinneyBy Featured Speaker Wendy L. Kinney

Editor’s Note: When you speak at events, you will more than likely pick up a few business cards. What you do with them after the event can make or break your efforts to grow your business. In this article, Wendy Kinney shares with you some good advice on how to follow up with all the contacts you made.

Networking isn’t what you do at a meeting; it’s what happens because you were at the meeting. Here are the steps:

Follow-Through In Writing With Everyone You Shook Hands With: A quick note or email message will help the people you met remember your name – it’s easier when they read it. REMEMBER: It’s who knows you that counts. QUICK REMINDER: Make sure your follow-through message is about them or their business – not a sales pitch for yours.

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