Get to the True Point and Speak with Greater Ease
(Day 2, Speaking Palooza 2019)

The following post “Get to the True Point and Speak with Greater Ease” By Guest Expert Joel Schwartzberg was a part of Speaking Palooza 2019.

Get To the True Point and Speak with Greater Ease

By Guest Expert Joel Schwartzberg

I’ve found through my years of public speaking training that people often don’t know what the point is. They confuse it with a theme or a title or a topic. If you don’t have a point to your presentation, you render yourself pointless. It doesn’t matter how funny or interesting or charismatic or attractive you are if you don’t have a true point to make you’re not going to succeed. In the following video, I share my tips on how to develop your point so that you can speak with greater ease.

Highlights from the Video

  • How knowing your point helps you overcome a fear of speaking
  • How to develop a true point for your presentation
  • How stories help you get to the point
  • Two tips for being an effective speaker
  • How the video illustrates my point


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About Joel Schwartzberg

Joel Schwartzberg author of Get to the PointCurrently Senior Director of Strategic and Executive Communications for the ASPCA, Joel Schwartzberg has been teaching presentation techniques to clients including American Express, Blue Apron, and the Brennan Center for Justice since 2006. Joel’s award-winning book Get to the Point! Sharpen Your Message and Make Your Words Matter was released in 2017 and his articles have appeared in Fast Company, Toastmaster Magazine, and The Huffington Post. A frequent conference presenter, Joel is a former National Champion and State Champion competitive public speaker. After coaching public speaking teams at the University of Pennsylvania and Seton Hall University, was inducted into the National Forensic Association Hall of Fame in 2002.

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